Timothy Jenkins & Kwame Toure
(Stokeley Carmichael) in the early days of
the student civil rights movement
at Howard University
Delivering the Martin Luther King Address at the
Department of Transportation in the 1990s
From left to right: Rachel and Jackie Robinson in discussion with James Farmer of CORE, Timothy Jenkins of SNCC, and Mr. & Mrs. Goodman, the parents of Andrew Goodman one of the three civil rights workers slain in Philadelphia, Mississippi, with James Chaney and Mickey Schwerner on June 21, 1964
State Department Advisory Committee
with Secretary Schultz and Senator Brooke
Appointed by President Jimmy Carter & approved by the US Senate, Jenkins joined the Board of Governors for United States Postal Service in the 1980s
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Jenkins leads a delegation of public & private leaders for a meeting on civil rights in the White House Cabinet Room with President Gerald Ford and his special assistant Stanley Scott