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Yale University Law School— J.D. Degree, Thurman Arnold Prize, Labor & Administrative Law; Beinecke Foundation and Rabinowitz Fund Scholarships; Commencement Recognition for Research and Advocacy. and United States Semi-finalist in the International Moot Court Competition; Elected to Thomas Swan Barrister’s Union

Howard University— B.A. Degree, Magna Cum Laude; Phi Beta Kappa, elected to national honor societies in Classics, Forensics, Philosophy and Political Science, and Phi Beta Kappa; Four-Year National Merit Scholarship; Scholarship to Harvard University International Relations Seminars; Liberal Arts Student Body President; Varsity letters in Track and Cross Country for two years.


Chairman of Unlimited Visions, Inc. Multi Media Information Technology
Board of The Lion’s Jewel--Cultural Artifacts Design & Distribution
Board Member, Darfur Alert Coalition
Historian, Friends of Andrew Rankin Chapel, Howard University
Vision Committee for “Quality Education as a Civil Right”
WHUT TV National Advisory Committee, Howard University
Advisor to the Kingman Boys and Girls Club on Technology
Advisor to the Howard University Cultural & Political Awareness Student Club: ROOTS
Advisory to Roots, Inc., Colalition Against Teen Violence


A. In Education
President of the University of the District of Columbia
Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees of the University of the District of Columbia
Chairman of Finance Committee, Howard University Board of Trustees
Visiting Professor at New York State University at Old Westbury
Visiting Professor of Law, David A. Clarke School of Law
Visiting Professor of Law & Outstanding Professor Howard University School of Law
Faculty Fellow on Urban Issues, Johns Hopkins School for Advanced Studies
Educational Travel Inc. Board of Directors
Chairman of Potomac Regional Education Project’s After School Committee
Advisor to the AME University of Liberia
Research Fellow to Dr. Kenneth Clark's Metropolitan Applied Research Center
Research Fellow at the U.S. Library of Congress

B. In Business and Profession
Board of Governors and Chairman of Corporate Responsibility Committee, United States Postal Service,
appointed by President Carter and Confirmed by the U.S. Senate
Deputy to Commissioner and Special Assistant to the Chairman of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Publisher of American Visions Magazine
Publisher of BEST: Blacks in Education, Science & Technology
Urban Institute Research Fellow on Educational Technology
Executive Director of the HUD Minority Youth Housing, Construction, & Maintenance Training Institute
Consultant to the United Nations on Universal Access to the Internet
Chairman of The MATCH Institution-Management Consultants
Vice Chair Development Assistance Corporation-International Consultants
Partner Jones Jenkins & Warden, Attorneys at Law of New York, San Francisco, and D.C.
Special Counsel to Washington and National Urban Leagues

C. In Volunteer & Public Service
Member of the Friends of Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel, Howard University
Volunteer Consultant to the District of Columbia’s Church Association for Community Services on Youth Education and Vocational Training
Vice Chair to Dr. Dorothy Height at Bethune Museum and Archives for NCNW
Vice Chair DC Commission on Status of Women
Chair, National and Neighborhood Consumer Information Centers
Board Member, National Instructional Television (NITV) in primary and secondary schools
CoChair of The Council of 100
Board, National Instruction Television (NITV) in primary and secondary schools
Consultant to W. K. Kellogg Foundation on Afterschool & Distance Learning Networks
Member of the American Academy of Political & Social Sciences
Consultant to the National Congress of Black Churches on Youth & Learning
Member of the Commission on Black Men and Boys of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation
Joint Center for Political Studies, Founding Board Member
Chairman, DC Commission on Rent Control & Condominium Conversion
Co-Chairman National Conference of Black Lawyers
Legislation Committee, D.C. Bar Association
Chairman, White House Task Force on Inflation Priorities
Voice of America Information Specialist on Foreign Student Affairs
Presidential Transition Team for the Department of House and Urban Development
Member, National Advisory Board of the Federal Home and Housing Administration
Secretary of State's Advisory Committee on International Investment, Technology and Development
Secretary of State's Advisory Committee on Hunger and Starvation in the Third World
Assistant to Dr. Benjamin Mays, Chairman of the National Commission on Poverty and Hunger in America
National Youth Committee, NAACP
National Affairs Vice President of the U.S. National Student Association
Founding Member and Chief Lobbyist for The Student NonViolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)

D. In Publications & Articles (short list)
Co-Author of Black Futurists In the Information Age 1997
Contributor to Technology And The Future, Bedford/St. Martin’s Press 2002 and 2004
Educational Contributor to Wired Magazine, Context Magazine, Emerge Magazine and Howard University Alumni Magazine
Study of Federal Effort to End Job Bias: A History, A Status Report and A Prognosis, Howard Law Journal, Volume 14, No. 2
On Academic Excellence - Pamphlet for American Council on Education
The Negative Freedom - Paper for the American Society on African Culture
Testimony on the Voting and Public Accommodation Sections of the Civil Rights Act
before House Judiciary Committe on behalf of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee
Student Revolution in the United States - Paper for the U.N.E.S.C.O. Commission on Race
Legal Potentials and Restraints in the Economic Development of the Ghetto - Seminar on
Urban Economics, Clark College, convened by Dr. Vivian Henderson
Racism and the Law - New Frontiers Magazine
The Equal Protection, Due Process and Access to Federal Grants and Aid - NAACP
Conference on the Centennial of the Fourteenth Amendment
Student Seizures of University Buildings - Case Studies for Report of President’s Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence
Author of Thesis: “The Struggle Between the American Federation of Teachers and National Education Association in Collective Bargaining
A Time to Learn, US Postal Service Employees' magazine
Shadows in An Age of Light. Policy paper for the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation
Feasibility and Budget Requirements for Algerian, Ghanaian and Nigerian Fishing Enterprises
Study of the Economic Feasibility for the Production in Northern Ghana of Textiles for Overseas Export
Citizen Participation in City Planning. Manual for the US Department of Housing & Urban Development
Study of the Lending Patterns & Practices within Financial Institutions of Washington DC
Problems & Potentials of Small, Minority, and Women Owned Businesses as AID Prime & Sub Contractors & Grantees (3 vols)
Citizen Participation in Transportation Planning. A Guidebook prepared for the US DOT
A Systems Approach to Social Service Delivery. Position Paper for the White House on Gulf Area shipping
The New Politics: New Ethics for Local Public Administration. Paper presented to the Phi Beta Kappa Scholastic Honor Society

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Timothy has been married to his wife Lauretta for 43 years, and has two grown sons:

Sterling Jenkins of Grand Rapids, MI, a violinist with the Grand Rapids Symphony, married to Heather Storeng, also a member of the Symphony and a violist.


Nelson Jenkins, A.I.A. of New York City, a registered architect specializing in lighting design with his own firm, LumenArch. Click here to check out profile of firm.